Living in a time loop

Ever watched those Sci-Fi time loop movies, and wondered how it must feel like to live in a time loop? Well at our home we do feel that we are living in a time loop. At least one of our cat makes us feel so.

Typically almost everyone wakes up in the morning with their alarm going off. At our place even before the alarm gets a chance to go off, our cat goes off. He is so meticulous with time that he starts going off every five minutes, half an hour before his feeding time. Also amps up the tempo in the last five minutes. I guess he is aware of how we set our alarm and has copied the exact technique with his inner clock. In a race between the alarm and our cat’s alarm, the cat is the all time undisputed champ. You can atleast shut the alarm and nick a five minutes of extra sleep time. But there is no such chance here.  Afterall his mantra is, ‘Try try till you succeed. ‘ and he is extremely efficient in following it. You know the kind of anxiety any alarm or siren gives, I feel the same jolt when my cat starts singing his hypnotic ‘Feed me’ tune.

After waking us from our sweet slumber and satisfying the ever hungry monster inside of him, he goes into a ‘SLEEP MODE ACTIVATED’ zone.  Only to wake up half an hour before his feeding time in the afternoon. Rinse and repeat of the same process to the T till his feeding time in the night. We have stopped looking at the time now. Our cat makes sure to let us know what time it is. See having a cat has it’s own perks!

If this is not what living in a time loop is, then I really don’t know what is.  But to be very honest, if I had an option to break the loop or continue living in it, I would choose this loop over and over again.


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